Humidifier filter

During the summer, it's often easier to crank up the air conditioner than to try and add moisture to the air. Whole-house humidifiers are one of the best ways to bring some moisture back into your home to avoid these issues.

Whole home generator

Proper whole-house generator sizing is important in meeting demands and avoiding excessive wear and tear on the machine. Here, we’ve broken down generator sizing to help you prepare for emergencies and avoid overspending.

Dad and son shopping for lumber

A recent survey by Expertise found that a lot of homeowners experienced sticker shock when lumber prices were at their highest earlier this year and ended up delaying their home improvement projects. Now that prices have fallen, 65% of respondents said they’re gearing up to finish them.

American flag mounted on house

Installing a flag on you home isn't the most challenging thing to do. There are several things you will want to do to ensure it's properly secured and appropriately displayed. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to mount a flag holder for your home.

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