Building a cottage  Workers take concrete from a mixer into a wooden formwork

Because prices also vary depending on where you live and how much concrete you need (among other factors), it’s hard to give any concrete numbers on your project cost. We can, however, give you a good estimate of how much you’ll pay for concrete. Here’s what you need to know.

animated illustration of a man sitting on his couch as his TV slowly grows from 55 inches to 85 inches

The average person gets a new smartphone every two to three years — or even more often, depending on the length of their contract. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trade in your TV for a new one every few years? Samsung has a TV upgrade program that allows people to finance their TVs for 36 months and purchase the latest TV on the market for a discount every 24 months. So is it worth it to replace your TV every two years? Maybe. The program is a little more complicated than it appears on the surface. Here’s what you need to know.

Electrician Repairing Television

Like everything else in your home, TVs break. On average it costs between $100 and $300 to repair a TV, so you need to consider whether it's worth it to repair your TV or start looking for something new.

Flooded basement cleanup

Flooding can damage belongings, ruin drywall and cause mold growth. Just 1 inch of water can lead to $10,000 in repairs. Check this guide for how much it might cost to clean up and make the necessary repairs.

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