Plastic guard over new dark grey plastic rain gutter

Tired of climbing a ladder to dig leaf sludge out of your gutters multiple times per year? Gutter guards can simplify gutter maintenance by cutting down on the debris that builds up in the gutters. Here's how much they cost to install.

Collage of black-and-white photos of  spooky  smart technologies

The more you automate the systems of your home and the more appliances you have running outside your immediate control, the quicker the whole place starts to feel, well, haunted. That’s pretty freaky, as evidenced by these, some of the creepiest smart technologies and features you can invite into your home. 

A motionless Vertical Axis residential Wind Turbine with a clear blue sky in the background

You may have heard that wind turbines don’t come cheap. But exactly how much does one cost? It depends largely on the size of the turbine and how much energy it can generate.

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