pvc pipe being used as a condensation drain for an air conditioner

Air conditioning systems circulate cool air into homes. During the circulation process, hot air releases humidity, and the condensate drain line releases the built-up moisture. Read more about this major component and its functions. 

Rain gutter system on roof of House

It's important for your gutter system to stay free of debris, as the gutters funnel rain and melting snow off the roof and away from your home. Read about gutter guards and how they can protect your home.

Black whole-house surge protector with a black digital display screen mounted on a brown woodgrain wall.

To avoid this damage from power surges, you can install a whole-house surge protection device. These devices safely diffuse excess electricity into the ground. Learn how to install whole-house surge protection yourself.

Broadcast Spreader Applying Fertilizer to Grass

If you want your lawn to remain healthy and pristine, fertilizing it in the fall is something you need to do. Here is the correct way to do it with all the necessary details.

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