Patio paver brick walkway

Installing a paver walkway is something many homeowners can do by themselves without the help of a professional landscaper. This DIY project can be completed over a long weekend. Here’s how.

Stunning Succulent And Cactus Water Conservation Garden

While you could find a local landscaping company to help you install your xeriscape, it's surprisingly simple — and enjoyable — to do it yourself. One of the best ways to understand what xeriscaping entails is to take a look at the practice's seven principles.

Wall moulding trim custom house building contractor

Installing wainscoting can transform your living space, add extra insulation and even cover up unsightly wall damage. Here's how to estimate the costs of your wainscoting project.

Immaculate laundry room and mudroom combo

While a mudroom can go a long way toward increasing the functionality and value of your home, adding one yourself doesn't have to be excessively expensive or complicated. With some intermediate construction knowledge, you can get the job done on your own. Here's how.

photo of a modern Farmhouse Kitchen with blue cabinets and red terracotta flooring

A farmhouse or apron sink can add a rustic look to your kitchen — or it can even provide a modern aesthetic, depending on the style you go for. Installing a farmhouse sink is a bit different than putting in a normal sink. Here’s how much it’ll cost.

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