How to Install Whole-House Surge Protection

To avoid this damage from power surges, you can install a whole-house surge protection device. These devices safely diffuse excess electricity into the ground. Learn how to install whole-house surge protection yourself.

Broadcast Spreader Applying Fertilizer to Grass

If you want your lawn to remain healthy and pristine, fertilizing it in the fall is something you need to do. Here is the correct way to do it with all the necessary details.


If you’re not already doing so, preparing your gutters for winter should be at the top of your seasonal maintenance list. Read this guide to find out where to begin.

Keys from room hotel on the door

Assuming you’ve left your apartment in good shape, your security deposit will likely be refunded to you when you move out. However, for some renters, getting a security deposit back can be quite the ordeal. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring you get back the money that’s owed to you. 


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