thermostat repair

Over time, your thermostat can break down and need repair or replacement. You might also want to install a smart thermostat you can control via a mobile device. Get more information about replacing a thermostat below, including the replacement cost.

Stacks of different color granite slabs at a warehouse

Generally speaking, where countertops are concerned, there are three levels of granite to choose from. These grades range in price from dozens to hundreds of dollars per square foot, so it likely matters to your budget which one you pick.

Asphalt Driveway sealing blacktop paving

Applying the sealcoat protects the asphalt surface against the wear and tear of usage and the environmental effects of the sun, moisture and ice. How much is this maintenance task gonna cost you? We’ve got your answer.

View of a modern suburb home on a hill side in California

Don't DIY; hire qualified concrete driveway contractors who can assist with everything from installation to maintenance. Costs can vary significantly based on the types of materials involved, labor costs and customization.

rusted dishwasher tines

Dishwashers are supposed to get your dishes clean, of course, but if your dishwasher model is older, you may have started to notice rust spots in the interior tub or on the racks themselves.

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