bamboo floor hallway

Redoing your floors is a home improvement that can instantly transform the character of your house. To that end, bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to conventional hardwood. Read on to learn all about bamboo flooring costs.

a group of male contractors and a forklift position a large home generator on to a concrete slab

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — so, by that logic, setting yourself back a little now for a backup home generator could prove to be worth its weight in an emergency electrical outage. Whole-house generators cost around $4,475 on average.


Just like everything else in your household, your boiler will eventually need to be replaced. To calculate how much it’ll cost to replace your boiler, you’ll need to take the price of the boiler plus installation into account.

a backyard job site with construction of a shed taking place

Building a shed from scratch can be time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. You'll save money and can customize it to suit your needs and specifications.

image of an attic pull down ladder being lowered from the ceiling

Shopping around, figuring out what your options are and estimating how much everything is going to cost will prepare you for when your new attic ladder is, well, rung up at the register. The average cost to install an attic ladder is around $445.

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