person cleaning ceiling fan

You should clean your ceiling fan regularly and do a deep clean at least twice a year. Here are four methods you can use to get your fan blades sparkling clean, plus how to deep clean some of the other components of your ceiling fan.

Man worker cutting grass in summer with a lawn mower

Lawn care can be hard work, especially in the summer heat. If you're considering paying someone else to mow your lawn and take care of other yard maintenance, here's a guide to how much that might cost.

Hand Wiping Clean a Dirty Marble Surface with Paper Towel

Marble has been used in extravagant edifices built centuries ago that still stand strong and glistening to this day. With such a rich history and an even richer appearance, can this storied stone be properly maintained as an everyday feature — say, specifically, the floors. Learn how to clean marble floors to ensure they remain in a condition befitting their regal reputation.

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