25lb free weights

Tired of competing for equipment, dodging annoying people or worrying about social distancing while working out at the gym? Learn how to build a home gym without breaking the bank — and exercise your right to get fit without feeling like you want to throw a fit.

diverter valve on HVAC ductwork

Learn how a zoned HVAC system works. If you have a single staged HVAC system, you won't need to do this. Learn more about it here.

cleaning inside of microwave

Beyond your fear of being clean shamed by your dinner guests, proper maintenance is key to a long and useful life for any household appliance, including your microwave — and, let’s face it, you cook with it more than you do your stove. To that end, learn these four tried-and-true methods for deep cleaning the inside of your microwave.

man caulking exterior leaks and cracks on his home with sealant

Are your windows drafty or did you install new windows that still need sealing? Learn the do's and don'ts of window caulking, including where not to caulk around windows, with these tips.

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