Photo of a  faberware  branded countertop dishwasher sitting on a modern countertop with a white modern kitchen in the background  This image is media supplied

Not everyone has the space or budget to bring the many advantages of a full-size dishwasher into their home. That’s where countertop dishwashers (a.k.a. portable dishwashers) come in.

A puddle sits on the gray hardwood floor underneath a stainless steel refrigerator in a modern domestic kitchen

A leaking fridge can be a minor concern or a major issue if it causes food to begin to rot. Here's why your fridge may be leaking and how to fix it.

animation of a vintage green bathtub transforming into a new white tub with the help of reglazing

Is your outdated, scratched-up tub making it impossible to relax when you just want to soak away the stress of the day? Looking at tub reglazing costs can help you know if this project is within your bathroom renovation budget.

Digital smart door lock security system with the password

With a keyless lock, the need for a key is eliminated. All it takes to unlock the front door is a code or, depending on the lock, a smartphone. And luckily, they don't cost much more than traditional deadbolts.

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