A backyard in-ground pool surrounded by brick pavers sparkles in the sun

Inground pools are a cool way to beat the heat. But before you break ground, find out more about cost, size, materials and other factors to ensure your installation go swimmingly well.

a freshly stained and polyurethaned hardwood floor

While you can do the work yourself, knowing the costs to have hardwood floors refinished can help you decide whether DIY is worth your time. In terms of total price, professional hardwood refinishing costs an average of $1,800, with a typical range between $1,074 and $2,481 per job.

closed toiler in a small bathroom

A properly functioning toilet offers the baseline convenience we expect in our bathroom, but a corroded flange or damaged ring can put a serious wrench in one of the most basic parts of our daily routine. That's why having an idea of how much it'll cost to install a new toilet is helpful.

cleaning bathroom mirror

Sometimes, it seems like you’ve tried everything and still have streaks and foggy residue left over when cleaning your mirrors. But before you get too frustrated and wind up with seven years’ bad luck, learn the best ways to make your mirrors shine.

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