A worker is replacing the dead bolt on a home entryway door

There are many reasons you might want to call a locksmith — from using their emergency services if you've locked yourself out, to securing a new house after you move in. Here, we unlock the answers to some common locksmith questions, including how much it’ll cost to hire one.

Succulents And Rocks

Xeriscaping is a landscaping practice in which you replace existing plants with native varieties that don’t require a lot of water. The aim is to create a sustainable landscape that requires little irrigation. It helps reduce the need to bring in water to areas affected by drought.

Green Rain Barrels In Use collecting water out of a gutter

If you've ever received an eye-wateringly expensive water bill, you may be wondering if there's a way to top up your supply with rainwater. You can build your own gutter rain barrel in just a few hours. All you need is our step-by-step guide and a few cheap materials.

A second generation Ring video doorbell with a specialty tool being used to remove the battery

You might want to move your Ring Video Doorbell to a different location, swap it out with another of Ring’s eight models or install a different video doorbell system entirely. Whatever the reason, follow these steps to remove your Ring.

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