Close-up of worker hand with electric screwdriver fastening drywall to wooden timber frame with insulation mineral rock wool staff. Warm home

Insulating your garage is essential for maintaining a comfortable year-round temperature and optimizing its energy-efficiency. Learn how to choose and install garage insulation here.

Concrete truck with pouring cement during to residential street

Concrete sidewalk costs can vary significantly depending on the size of the sidewalk and the style or finish you're aiming for. Here’s the rundown on walkway costs.

Flooded basement cleanup

Flooding and the resulting water damage are an awful surprise. If your home has taken a beating during a recent flood, check this guide for how much it might cost to clean up and make the necessary repairs.


Watering a lawn and plants in arid and semi-arid areas can be unaffordable for many homeowners. You can save a lot of money — and water — by opting to xeriscape your garden.

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