A photo of a residential deck during the framing part of the construction phase

With so many potential benefits, deciding to build a deck may seem like a no-brainer. But is this a project you can tackle yourself, or is it one better fit for the pros? The information outlined here will give you a sense of the deck-building process.

contractors install a heavy granite stone countertop

Granite countertop installation is technically something you can do yourself, but it’s not some quick Saturday afternoon job you can take on after a jaunt to the hardware store. That said, if you have the right tools, you can make your granite dreams a reality. Here’s how to install granite countertops. 

Contractor using pnumatic nail gun installing the interior door of apartment

Okay, so maybe replacing a door frame isn’t at the top of your “Fun Projects You Can’t Wait to Tackle” list for this weekend, but cheer up. With the proper door frame kit, a few tools you likely already have on hand and some basic construction know-how, you can install or replace a door frame in as little as a few hours.

Closeup of two modern black and brown metal red flag mailboxes at single family home in residential suburbs with nobody and house in background

Your mailbox must to adhere to strict federal guidelines — unless you want to get on your mail carrier’s bad side, that is. After making sure your mailbox’s size and construction meet the Postmaster General’s guidelines, all you’ll need is a few tools, materials and guidelines on how to install a mailbox. Follow these steps to get started on your mailbox installation.

Plumber Installing an oil rubbed shower head with Adjustable Cresent Wrench

Even though most showerheads are designed to be easily removed, oftentimes, they’re fixed tight. Here’s a quick guide to removing your showerhead — plus how to clean and replace it so it won’t get stuck again. 

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