close up shot of the top of an air conditioner coil with the fan blades spinning

'What size air conditioner do I need?' you may be asking yourself — and you're asking yourself the right question. Getting the right size AC unit for your home ensures your household stays cool during the warm summer months. Learn the things you need to know to ensure you get the right size AC unit.

Brass Valve closed on a propane tank

Propane has a wide variety of uses in the home, including grilling, heating, stove fuel and more. Whether you’re looking to buy a tank or rent one, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be using it for, what size you need, whether to keep it above- or below-ground and, of course, how much all this is gonna cost ya.

photo of patched drywall and the words  How much does drywall cost  written on the wall with a black sharpie

The average price of drywall can vary depending on the type you need. Other factors you need to consider are the other supplies needed to put drywall up. Learn all about drywall costs right here.

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