The black tanks of a household water softener sit on a concrete floor against a white brick wall

While water softener salt is relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of home maintenance costs, understanding the prices involved can help you budget more effectively.

overflowing washing machine bubbles

From overflowing water to clothes that don't get clean, the results of overloading a washing machine could create more work for you. Find out what happens when you overload your washer and how you can prevent it.

Septic sewer line snaking for a clog

Sewer issues are some of the most disgusting home maintenance nightmares a homeowner can face. A sewer line inspection can help you avoid this stomach-churning scenario. Here’s a look inside the process.

concrete and stone in-ground pool in well landscaped back yard

Of the different types of inground pools homeowners can choose to put in, concrete is the most common — and it also happens to be the most expensive to install and maintain compared to vinyl and fiberglass alternatives.

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