water pump and sand filter for above-ground pool

If your pool water starts to appear cloudy, it probably means you need to clean the pool filter. Doing so regularly ensures that your filter lasts a long time. We've got step-by-step advice on how to clean your pool filter, be it a sand filter, cartridge filter or D.E. filter.

a backyard job site with construction of a shed taking place

Building a shed from scratch can be time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. You'll save money and can customize it to suit your needs and specifications.

Rotary Sander on a New Hardwood Floor

A professional refinishing can be pricey — up to $4,000 at the high end. So if you’re not prepared to spend your hard-earned cash on your hardwood floor, you can opt to spend your time instead of spending your money, and do the work yourself. If you decide to go the DIY direction our nine-step overview can walk you through how to refinish hardwood floors.

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