Wardrobe and closet order

A closet organization system can help you get the most out of what you may consider a small, insignificant room in your home. Follow these tips.

A human hand replaces the 9-volt battery in a home smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector

Smoke detectors can save your life in a house fire, so installing and maintaining them correctly is essential. Here's a look at the price difference between hardwired and batter-powered models.

WHite Frigidaire air conditioner being wiped clean

Window air conditioning units need proper care and cleaning in order to function at their full potential. Here's how to clean your window AC unit.

Under the sink

Garbage disposals can make kitchen cleanup a snap —unless they become clogged. Learn how to unclog a garbage disposal in 6 easy steps.

plumbing leak

When a pipe breaks, you’ve got two choices: Call a plumber or repair it yourself. If you choose option two, here are four simple ways to get the job done.

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