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Washing machines break down, and when they do, the whole family suddenly begins to appreciate just how hard this household essential works. Here’s a rundown of some of the most common issues washers face so you can avoid the pitfalls that lead to machine breakdowns and failures.

A stainless steel teapot sits atop one of the burners of a gas powered stove with a blue flame underneath

A well-maintained natural gas system is essential for your family's safety and to keep your home running efficiently, so it's worth understanding how it works. Here’s an overview.

Solar Powered attic exhaust fans sit on top of a tall residential roof

A roof replacement is not a cheap project. These tips can help you extend the life of your roof and save your thousands in repair and replacement costs.

Man installing new pool liner on a concrete inground pool

Vinyl pools are the cheapest type of pool to install, but if you’re considering installing one, it's essential to factor in the costs of a pool liner replacement. On average, expect to pay between $800 and $3,000 for pool liner replacement.

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