Carpenters on the roof of new building addition

If your home is at maximum capacity, an addition is a logical option. Unless you want the new space to be a personal sauna in the summer and a temporary deep freezer in the winter, you'll need HVAC options to keep it the perfect temperature year-round.

photo of a clear air vent deflector attached to a hvac vent on the floor

Uneven room temperatures in your home? Air vent deflectors can improve air circulation and enhance energy efficiency without hassle or expense.

Room air purifier by Blue

Air purifiers offer some assistance in this regard, and they can also make your home more enjoyable for people without allergies. But, if no one in your household has allergies, is it really worth it to splurge on one?

illustration showing all types of furnaces

The main differences between furnaces lie in the different fuel types available. Here’s a look at your options so you can make the most educated choice.

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