Oil heater tank in basement

The cost of heating oil isn't static. Instead, it fluctuates depending on the time of year and other conditions, most of which are out of your control. Find out more about the cost of heating oil.

Electrical Cord Overload

An overloaded outlet places you at greater risk of a house fire, so knowing the safety principles behind maximum wattage capacities is important. The question remains: How many things can you plug into one outlet? We’ve got your answer.

a masked exterminator sprays for pests under a couch

Got bugs? You might be wondering how much it would cost to get rid of them. Before you head to the local home improvement store to load up on bug spray and rodent traps, take a look at how much pest control services cost.

Close up paint brush and color charts. Concept of color of the year.

How can you match an existing paint color? Well, there are several ways to tackle this scenario, though some are more effective than others, depending on your needs. Here's what you need to know.

a cut-away image of a drywall anchor depicting how it works

If you've ever screwed something to drywall only for it to crash down shortly after, you know just how important it is to use anchors to grip the drywall and secure your installation. Here, we explain how to use drywall anchors and help you figure out how to pick the right one for your project.

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