image of an attic pull down ladder being lowered from the ceiling

Shopping around, figuring out what your options are and estimating how much everything is going to cost will prepare you for when your new attic ladder is, well, rung up at the register. The average cost to install an attic ladder is around $445.

male painter wearing all white paints a ceiling white using a paint roller on a pole

What is the cost to paint a room? For an average-size room measuring 12 feet by 12 feet, the cost of work could be anywhere from $350 to $850. Keep in mind that this is normally just the labor cost, and you’ll need to pay for materials such as paint separately.

Rotary Sander on a New Hardwood Floor

A professional refinishing can be pricey — up to $4,000 at the high end. So if you’re not prepared to spend your hard-earned cash on your hardwood floor, you can opt to spend your time instead of spending your money, and do the work yourself. If you decide to go the DIY direction our nine-step overview can walk you through how to refinish hardwood floors.

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