a 3D render of a House covered by a large umbrella to represent insurance

Many homeowners believe that the home insurance they have is enough to cover their vital household systems, but that’s not always the case. If you don’t like paying out of pocket for expensive repairs, a home warranty could benefit you. Here’s a detailed look at the main differences between home warranties and home insurance.

replace water sewer line

The main water line that carries water to your home is extremely vulnerable. Do you hate the idea of gallons of water spouting everywhere as your lawn turns into a muddy disaster? Then water line insurance might be a good idea. Read this guide to learn more.

recall product

Cheyenne Products is recalling about 795,000 Mainstay folding chairs and barstools. If you purchased one of these chairs or stools between January 2014 and April 2021, it might fall under this recall. According to a recall alert published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the weld that connects the seat bottom to the chair legs can break, posing a fall risk.

Replace Bathtub Drain Flange with Wrench and Specialty Tool

Maybe it’s age, disuse, corrosion, leakiness or even a monster clog that can't be removed. Whatever the reason, there are times when your bathtub drain and stopper need to be removed. Follow this guide to learn how.

A man holding a water heater element damaged from corrosion  In the background the boiler and a view of the lawn  Close up

Among the several possible reasons your water heater isn’t producing hot water, a faulty heating element is one of the most common. Before you shell out the big bucks for professional repair — or full replacement — of your water heater, take these steps to see if the heating element is the culprit.

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