Father and daughter building a wooden house together

A playhouse makes a lovely addition to a family backyard and is sure to keep young children entertained for many happy hours. The following instructions explain how to build a playhouse out of reclaimed, heat-treated pallets.

bathroom floor and bathroom drain

If your shower drainage is a bit sluggish or you notice rust or other damage, you may need to remove the drain to repair or replace it. Fortunately, this is a quick and straightforward job for even the most inexperienced DIYers. You just need the right tools and these step-by-step instructions.


A shower drain is an important plumbing fixture that captures water and directs it toward your home’s sewage system. You can install a shower drain as part of a home renovation project or replace an existing one when you notice a leak. Here's how.

checking the correct installation of the greenhouse and polycarbonate on it

Greenhouses let you control the climate conditions so your plants thrive under the best air quality and moisture levels suited to them while receiving an ample dose of sunlight each day. Here’s everything you need to know about building a home greenhouse.

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