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Replacing a gas water heater requires identifying the type of water heater you own, selecting a new one and removing the old unit. You’ll need to know how to connect the water and gas lines to the new heater and be able to ignite the pilot light. If you’re up for all that, read this how-to guide.

Construction Worker Removing a Fiberglass Bathtub

Replacing your bathtub or installing a shower unit in its place is a great way to modernize your bathroom — but figuring out how to get the old tub out may feel like a daunting task. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, removing a bathtub is a manageable job. Follow this four-step guide for easy removal.

A beautiful backyard garden with a cedar wood gazebo

If you know how to build a deck, building a gazebo shouldn’t be that difficult of a task. All you need are the right supplies, knowledge of your local building ordinances governing backyard structures and this gazebo-building guide.

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