a male technician preparing to level a newly installed bathtub

If you don't have a bathtub in your home, installing one may be more affordable than you imagined. Or, if your existing tub is looking a little shabby, it might be time to repair or replace it. Learn more about what your tub project might cost.

Residential roof with damage to several shingles

Even if you don't need a whole-roof replacement, fixing weak or damaged areas still makes for a sound investment. So how much will leaky-roof repair costs set you back? We've got the breakdown, right here.

side by side  before and after  photo of an old shower head and its new replacement

Perhaps your shower isn't putting out the water pressure you’d like, or maybe it is just old and you want something newfangled and fancy — whatever the case, your morning shower can set the tone for the rest of your day, so you want things to start off right. Well, before you take one more unsatisfying shower, do something about it! Learn how to change a shower head, here.

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