How Much Does It Cost to Pour Concrete?

by Team HomeServe
Building a cottage  Workers take concrete from a mixer into a wooden formwork

Concrete Costs at a Glance

  • Ready-mix concrete: $120-$150 per cubic yard
  • Short-load concrete: $120-$150 per cubic yard, base price; $60-$110, mixing fee
  • 12x12 slab average cost: $1,300
  • Long distance delivery fee: $9.50 per mile
  • Saturday deliveries: $8 per cubic yard
  • Special finishes: $96 per load
  • Coloring: $30 to $170 per cubic yard
  • Stamping: $45 to $100 per cubic yard
  • Standby fees: $3 per minute
  • Average DIY materials cost: $1.76 per square foot
  • Cement mixer rental: $40-$60 per day
  • Bulk concrete: $50-$75 per ton

Ordering concrete for a project? In general, you should expect to pay upwards of $100 per cubic yard. This price point is for just the concrete itself and does not include the cost of delivery and pouring, which is a rate determined by the cement’s pounds-per-square-inch strength and whether you purchase a ready-mix or short-load delivery.

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Because prices also vary depending on where you live and how much concrete you need (among other factors), it’s hard to give any concrete numbers on your project cost. We can, however, give you a good estimate of how much you’ll pay for concrete. Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Does Concrete Cost? Ready-Mix Vs. Short-Load

When it comes to ordering concrete, it’s important to remember that a cement truck usually delivers to just one customer at a time. Concrete can be obtained through either ready-mix or short-load deliveries.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is mixed just for the requirements of the customer’s project. It’s ideal for foundations, driveways, large slabs and sidewalks. After the concrete is mixed inside the cement truck, there is approximately a 90-minute window of time for the cement to be delivered and poured before it begins to set.

Most large jobs involve ready-mix deliveries. This concrete is usually superior to short-load deliveries due to the precision mixing at the concrete mixing plant. Most ready-mix concrete loads are mixed in batches of a minimum of 10 cubic yards. According to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, you can have ready-mix concrete delivered for anywhere from $120 to $150 per cubic yard. If you order less than 10 cubic yards, you'll pay about $50 extra per cubic yard.

Concrete being poured from a truck into a concrete with sidewalk

Short-Load Deliveries

By contrast, a short-load delivery is for small- or medium-sized concrete projects and involves mixing the concrete on the job site using a freestanding mixer. The concrete is usually used for projects like concrete footings, retaining walls, small slabs, patios and landscaping steps. Typically, the dry concrete needed for these jobs fits in a single truck.

Expect to pay the same base price as premixed concrete for short-load concrete, but tack on an additional mixing fee for using the company’s mixing machine, which adds $60 to $110 to your project price tag. Most short-load deliveries are less than 3 cubic yards.

Additional Costs to Pour Concrete

In addition to the base cost and any mixing fees, you may also incur a delivery fee, depending on your proximity to the concrete mixing plant. If you live more than 20 miles from the plant, the NRMCA says you’ll pay $9.50 per mile for delivery.

Depending on your exact project, you may run into other costs like:

  • Saturday deliveries: $8 per cubic yard
  • Special finishes: $96 per load on average
  • Coloring: $30 to $170 per cubic yard
  • Stamping: $45 to $100 per cubic yard
  • Standby fees: $3 for every minute (after 5 minutes) for the cement truck to be on standby after arriving
Texture of ready mixed concrete cement mortar for building floor house -------------------------------------------

Is It Cheaper to Pour Concrete Yourself?

Whether you’re pouring concrete countertops or a patio out back, it may be cheaper to pour concrete yourself rather than hiring someone. Whether you’ll save much in doing so depends largely on the amount of concrete needed and the amount of time you have to invest in your concrete project. The materials needed to pour concrete yourself cost about $1.76 per square foot, based on data from

Is It Cheaper to Mix Your Own Concrete?

Concrete mix and the supplies needed for mixing concrete are relatively inexpensive. Provided you have the time to spend on mixing your own concrete, you may save some cash by doing it on your own. For relatively small concrete jobs, many folks mix up cement in a wheelbarrow. For larger jobs, you can also rent a cement mixer. According to, renting a cement mixer costs $40 to $60 per day.

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How Much Does a Truckload of Concrete Cost?

According to the NRMCA, a truckload (10 cubic yards) of concrete costs $1,150 to $1,450, depending on various factors such as your geographic location and the company you use. Ten cubic yards is enough to pour a driveway measuring 20 feet by 24 feet.

Cost to Pour Concrete in Bulk

If you have a particularly large concrete job in the works, you may be better served by buying concrete by the ton. Expect to pay around $50 to $75 per ton. One cubic yard is equal to about 2 tons. Ideal for large applications, concrete sold in bulk varies in price depending on the PSI strength that is needed for the job in question.

How Much Does It Cost to Pour a 12x12 Concrete Slab?

A 12-foot by 12-foot slab is equal to about 10.7 cubic yards of concrete. The cost to pour such a slab comes to roughly $1,300. This does not include any additional concrete services that might be needed, and it doesn't take into account any delivery fees.