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As a HomeServe partner, you can offer your customers a suite of low-cost plans that cover the cost of repairs with access to a qualified, vetted contractor network. With one phone call your customers are on the path to a fast, easy solution to their repair problem — all without deductibles. Offering these important products to your customers helps strengthen your relationship - and that translates into improved customer satisfaction and community relations.

How it works

We take care of every aspect of the program. Our experienced team prepares custom-tailored communications that speak directly to your customers. Once you approve the communications, we print and distribute them to your customer base at no cost to you. We manage and route emergency service calls through our 24/7/365 repair hotline, and dispatch jobs to local, licensed and insured technicians to make repairs.

Why partner with HomeServe?

  • Industry Leader
  • Customer Education
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Quality repair network
  • Ancillary revenue

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Learn more

Want to learn more about HomeServe and how our plans can increase customer satisfaction for your utility or municipality? Schedule a meeting with one of our regional representatives to learn more. We can walk you through the program and help you customize a home repair service program for your customers.


Call us at 1-833-397-0309 or apply here.

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Call: 1-855-956-8143


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Our trusted partners

We partner with many of the nations leading utilities.

Innovative Products

Our suite of water and energy products offer comprehensive yet affordable coverage without deductibles or call-out fees.

  • icon exterior water service line

    Exterior Water Service Line

    Repairs or replacement of the home’s exterior fresh water line including locating, excavating and repairing leaks as well as replacing the pipe segments.

  • icon exterior sewer septic line

    Exterior Sewer/Septic Line

    Repairs or replacement of a clogged sewer line, collapsed sewer line section and/or a clogged septic line.

  • icon interior plumbing and drainage

    Interior Plumbing & Drainage

    Repairs, replacement or unblocking of internal plumbing pipe materials, valves and other plumbing-related materials.

  • icon exterior electrical wiring

    Exterior Electrical Wiring

    Repairs to the weather head, insulator, riser, meter base, service entrance conductor and underground service lines (for underground setups).

  • icon heating system repair

    Heating System Repair

    Covers most major parts of a central natural gas or propane, forced-air or circulating hot water heating system.

  • icon interior electrical wiring

    Interior Electrical Wiring

    Repairs or replacement of faulty outlets or GFCI, wiring or rewiring circuit to breakers, individual breakers, breaker panel or fuse boxes and junction boxes.

  • icon cooling system repair

    Cooling System Repair

    Covers most major components of an electric central air conditioning system.

  • icon water heater repair and replacement

    Water Heater Repair Replacement

    Repairs or replacement for most major parts of tank-based and electric, natural gas and propane water heaters.

  • icon interior and exterior gas line

    Interior & Exterior Gas Line

    Repairs of interior gas lines, from the point of entrance into the home to the shutoff valve at each gas appliance and the natural gas plumbing supply line outside the home.

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