Turning On Modern Air Purifier And Ionizer

With wildfire smoke making the outdoor air quality in parts of the U.S. and Canada quite poor, many homeowners are looking for how to improve the air quality inside their homes. Here's how.

Couple checking ruins after fire disaster.

Even if you keep your yard clean and follow other fire safety rules, there's a chance your home could be damaged by a fire at some point. Here's what to do in the aftermath of a wildfire.

No one likes to think about living through a natural disaster, but it's better to plan ahead than to be taken by surprise. Stay safe by using these tips on how to prepare for a wildfire.

control panel on whirlpool refrigerator

Fortunately, modern appliances can often tell you where it “hurts” by displaying preprogrammed diagnostic codes — so if your fridge is flashing a warning, don’t panic.

Lightswitch flicker with dimmers

A light delay may seem innocuous, but it can sometimes indicate a more serious electrical problem — or even a fire hazard. Telling the difference between an electrical danger and a switch that's just plain irritating requires pro knowledge.

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