Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood floors can give any room a fresh new face. Hardwood is also a solid investment, as the material lasts for decades. And if you’re selling soon, hardwood can increase the overall appeal (and resale value) of your home. This breakdown of hardwood floor installation costs can help you to decide if this type of flooring is right for you.

Woman with her feet up while in a hot tub

Air tub installation is usually best left to the professionals. However, if you’re an experienced DIYer with carpentry, plumbing and electrical know-how, you may be able to put on in yourself. Read on to learn several methods for how to install an air tub.

Scale weight above blue sky industrial crane moving a with bathtub jacuzi

Installing a hot tub is a reasonable DIY project for homeowners who are rocking a few home improvement skills. This how-to guide can give you an idea of what’s required for hot tub installation so you can decide whether you should do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Simulated image of a smart garage door app being used on an iPhone

A normal garage-door opener allows for remote operation from a few feet away, but smart openers take it a step further by allowing you to open and close your garage door from wherever you are — even if you aren’t sitting in your driveway. In the market for a smart garage-door opener? Here's a price breakdown.

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