Touching the dust on a surface of furniture with finger

Air quality tests measure pollutants ranging from allergy-inducing dust to potentially dangerous gases, offering both peace of mind and an important heads-up in the event of an emergency.

Old grungy rusted sump pump

Iron ochre is a reddish-brown slime that can wreak havoc on drainage systems, especially sump pumps, causing clogs and potentially expensive damage. But you don’t need to accept this problem as an inevitable consequence of where you live.

A close-up of a water heater leaking water on to the basement floor

A water heater explosion is as dangerous as it sounds, so knowing how to avoid this home maintenance nightmare is essential.

illustration of a person cleaning a residential trash compactor

Armed with a pair of gloves, some baking soda magic and a dollop of elbow grease, you can transform your trash compactor from funky to fresh.

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