How Much Do UV Lights Cost For HVAC Systems?

by Team HomeServe
Close up shot of UV bulbs for use in HVAC systems

UV light provides more than a reason to slap on sunscreen at the beach. It can be an effective tool to improve indoor air quality and boost the performance of your HVAC unit.

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In some cases, UV light systems for HVAC create efficiency and cost savings that can help you recoup the costs of installation.

Why Would Someone Want UV Lights in Their HVAC System?

UV Rays Kill Pollutants and Germs

UV rays emit a wavelength of light that's absorbed by harmful pollutants. This kills the DNA of some germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and fungi passing through the system. This can help control mold growth and control the spread of disease.

Improved Airflow and Costs

The germicidal properties of HVAC UV lights prevent a buildup of microbial matter in the system. Otherwise, over time, this buildup restricts the flow of air in the HVAC and causes the unit to be less effective, less energy-efficient and more costly to run. In the long run, installing UV lighting in your HVAC system can save you money, with UV systems allowing HVAC units to run at up to 35% higher efficiency.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install UV Lights in Your HVAC System?

According to Today's Homeowner, the costs of HVAC UV light installation can range from $200 to $700 (CAD 269 to CAD 942), but what you pay depends on what kind of lights you install.

Coil-Sanitizing Lights

Coil-sanitizing lights are installed to run constantly and placed to tackle areas most sensitive to microbial growth. If you have central air conditioning, the HVAC coil is a prime spot for bacteria and mold growth because moisture collects here, and debris attaches to the wet surface. UV light can kill the growth before it becomes harmful.

  • Equipment cost: $60 to $300 (CAD 81 to CAD 404)
  • Installation cost: $100 to $225 (CAD 135 to CAD 303)
  • Replacement bulb cost: $10 to $60 (CAD 13 to CAD 81)

Air-Sanitizing Lights

Air-sanitizing lights are installed to disinfect air as it travels through the air ducts. This prevents airborne germs and mold from flowing through the duct.

  • Equipment cost: $80 to $400 (CAD 108 to CAD 538)
  • Installation cost: $150 to $295 (CAD 202 to CAD 397)
  • Replacement bulb cost: $15 to $125 (CAD 20 to CAD 168)

Although there are higher material and installation costs for this type of light, they result in lower running costs as they aren't designed to be on all the time.

Factors That Can Impact the Cost

  • Installation: DIY installation saves money and is possible, but it's recommended that you have at least mid-level experience with this kind of project. Check the warranty conditions of your unit before you install the lights yourself.
  • Wavelength: UV lights can be purchased at higher wavelengths, but the cost is generally more. However, they're more effective as the light can travel further into germs.
  • Special features: You can purchase a range of other items to modernize your system. For example, an LED display system can alert you when maintenance is needed, or auto-sensing smart ballasts can display exactly where a problem is in the system.

If you have problems with mold growth in your HVAC unit or mildew in the house, or you're worried about your air quality, installing UV units can be an effective solution.

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