How Much Does It Cost to Install Sliding Glass Doors?

by Team HomeServe
A handsome young man installing Double Sliding Patio Door in a new house construction site

Sliding glass doors make an attractive addition to any patio, and they're handy space-savers too. They let lots of light into the room and can give the feeling of open-plan living when they're left open during the warmer months.

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Installing these doors can be a major job, however, so it pays to shop around to get an idea of the average installation cost in your area.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sliding Glass Door?

Based on data from Bob Vila, the national average cost to install a sliding door is $2,227 (CAD 2,956). However, door installation prices may vary depending on the size of the door, whether it’s double-glazed and whether you're replacing an existing door or installing a new one.

How Much Does Lowe's Charge to Install Sliding Doors?

Lowe's door installation costs will vary depending on the specifics of the job. If you are planning to purchase your doors from Lowe's, you can request an estimate using the tool on the company’s website, or you can visit one of the stores to discuss the job in person. WCMA Net says you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 in labor costs for patio doors.

How Much Does the Home Depot Charge to Install Sliding Doors?

The Home Depot offers a door installation service that starts with paying a nominal fee to have a contractor visit the property to measure the space and provide a quote. This fee will be deducted from the final installation cost if you decide to use the company's service.

Exact prices will vary depending on the type of door, its size and other factors, but in general, sliding glass door installation by a professional from The Home Depot professional runs between $498 to $1,298 (CAD 661 to CAD 1,723). The company runs regular promotions and special offers, which could reduce this cost significantly.

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Which Sliding Doors Are the Most Affordable?

Sliding doors come in a variety of sizes and frame types. The most affordable doors have vinyl frames, which are lightweight and easy to clean. However, they may warp if exposed to extreme temperatures. Other options include metal, wood, fiberglass and composite.

  • Wood frames: Aesthetically pleasing but require painting or treating on a regular basis to prevent the wood from rotting
  • Metal frames: Strong and durable but cost far more than vinyl ones, and their appearance may not match more traditional properties
  • Aluminum frames: Lightweight and strong, but also good thermal conductors, which increases the risk of condensation.
  • Composite frames: Strong, don't warp and offer a very good seal but are much more expensive than other types

Once you have new sliding doors for your patio, it's important to take good care of them. Clean the glass and the frames regularly and make sure the rollers are kept free from obstruction and debris, too. Make looking after the doors a part of your seasonal home maintenance checklist.

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