The Frame Game: Here’s How Much It’ll Cost to Install or Replace a Door Frame

by Team HomeServe
Handyman install the new door in the interior room

Doorframe Costs at a Glance

  • Average exterior doorframe repair cost: $160
  • Average interior doorframe repair cost: $150
  • Cost to replace exterior doorframe: $115-$385
  • Cost to replace interior doorframe: $115-$225

Doorframes are critical elements for both interior and exterior doors. They help maintain structural integrity, provide lasting support for the door and ensure that the door hangs level to the floor. There are several factors that determine the cost to replace a doorframe, such as the style of door, type of material and its location.

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Like everything else in your home, doorframes are susceptible to wear and tear, weather damage and other issues like sagging, sticking and swelling. Whether you opt for the DIY route or hire a professional contractor, replacing or repairing a doorframe can enhance your entryway. Read on to learn more about how much it costs to replace a doorframe.

Doorframe Repair Cost

According to, the average cost to repair an exterior doorframe is about $160, while the average cost to repair an interior doorframe is about $150. Repairing a French or sliding doorframe costs within the same range, though because these doors have different types of frames than standard doors, they may be more expensive to repair.

You might discover you feel comfortable tackling certain repair tasks yourself. Here are some examples of what might need to be repaired on a doorframe:

  • Tightening hinges
  • Sanding
  • Adding insulated tape
  • Caulking

Repairing a doorframe might cost less than replacing a doorframe or installing a new door. But if your doorframe is damaged extensively or requires repairs beyond simple fixes — like if it has a sagging frame, jammed door or damaged hinges — you will probably want to call a handyman or carpenter to help you.

Door Jambs, Doorframes and Hinges — What’s the Difference?

Before you start your repair or replacement, you’ll want to know a few vocabulary terms. Understanding the difference between the key elements of a doorframe will help you work with confidence.

A door jamb is one main part of the doorframe; specifically, it’s the flat surface that runs vertically up either side of the doorframe. This is the area where door hinges are installed to hold up the door.  The doorframe refers to the entire unit that supports the door and all its components. Replacing a door jamb often includes replacing the entire doorframe.

Doorframe Replacement Cost

If you decide to replace your doorframe instead of repairing it, the installation cost will vary based on whether the door is outside or inside, according to HomeGuide. The total installation cost also depends on the type of doorframe you install. For example, a standard doorframe costs between $50 to $75, while steel doorframes run about $100 to $130.

A professional contractor, handyman or carpenter can hang and install the doorframe in 1 to 3 hours. If your contractor charges by the hour instead of a flat fee, use this estimate to calculate how much installation may cost.

Interior Doorframe Replacement Cost

You can replace a basic interior doorframe for $115 to $225. What you pay will be based on the style, size and quality of your door and frame. Specialty doors, like French, sliding or barn doors, require different types of frames that typically cost $200 or more.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to replacing your doorframe. You can replace a doorframe and door at the same time with a pre-hung door system, or you can just replace the doorframe. A pre-hung doorframe kit costs $100 to $450 installed. Pre-hung door kits come with a door already mounted to the frame and typically include hinge hardware and predrilled openings for a handle and lock.

Exterior Doorframe Replacement Cost

According to HomeGuide, the cost to replace or repair exterior doorframes is between $115 and $385, depending on materials and size. Several styles are available, and the final cost depends on the material you choose.

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Differences Between Interior and Exterior Doorframes

Exterior doors are typically heavier and sturdier than interior doors. They’re usually constructed with wood, fiberglass or steel with frames to match. Exterior doors also play an important role in security, safety and entry, so they generally include deadbolts. Interior doors may be less heavy-duty. Both types of doors are constructed differently and, as a result, require different types of doorframes. Consider these factors when replacing either an interior or exterior doorframe:


The standard exterior door is 36 inches wide, while the standard interior door is 30 inches wide. Doorframes must match the width of the door.

Weather Resistance

Exterior doors and doorframes are built to withstand a variety of outdoor elements. They’re usually made of heavy materials designed to hold up to extreme weather conditions. Interior doors don't have to be weather-resistant.


Exterior doors include locks and deadbolts. Strong frames are necessary to hold exterior doors. If the exterior doorframe is weak or damaged, it can be easily broken. Interior doors may also have locks, but they generally don't have deadbolts.

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