How Much Does Driveway Sealing Cost?

by Team HomeServe
Broom being used to seal blacktop Asphalt Driveway

The best way to ensure an asphalt driveway lasts a long time is to properly maintain it. One thing that should be done every couple of years or so is to reseal it to make it last as long as possible.

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Applying the sealcoat protects the asphalt surface against the wear and tear of usage and the environmental effects of the sun, moisture and ice. How much is this maintenance task gonna cost you? We’ve got your answer.

Driveway Sealing Costs

According to BobVila, driveway sealing costs about $500 (CAD 635), on average, with the range being $250 to $770 (CAD 315 to CAD 980). That's considerably less than the cost of installing a new asphalt driveway if the old one rots away.

Another way to measure the cost is by square foot. Driveway sealcoat material costs about (CAD 0.07 to CAD 0.50) per square foot, depending on the product used. An average two-car driveway is about 640 square feet. Based on that, the cost for materials will run from $38 to $240 (CAD 50 to CAD 300).

Labor and tool costs also have to be added onto the price of a job. The cost of labor nationally averages out to $1.15 (CAD 1.50) per square foot. You should add this into the cost of material to determine how much you will pay per foot to professionally reseal a driveway. For example, the total cost to professionally sealcoat a 640-square-foot driveway is between about $775 and $980 (CAD 985 to CAD 1,250).

How Much Does It Cost If You Do It Yourself?

You can also sealcoat the driveway yourself. You'll save on labor costs, but that will be offset by the cost of equipment used to apply sealer. That means you'll probably want to add a few hundred dollars for equipment on top of the 6 to 38 cents (CAD 0.07 to CAD 0.50) per square foot for materials.

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Cost Factors

  • Driveway size: A single-car driveway will take less time and use less material than a large one.
  • Sealcoat type: Sealcoating comes in different thicknesses and grades, and the type you choose will have a significant impact on the cost of the job.
  • Labor: The cost of labor will fluctuate depending on the cost of living in a given area.
  • Repairs. A driveway should be free of chips, cracks and holes. Repairing a driveway will typically cost between $2 and $4 (CAD 2.50 and CAD 5) per square foot.
  • Number of coats: Heavily trafficked driveways, especially with large vehicles, often need two full coats, which would double the costs of actual sealcoating.
  • Aesthetics: Additives can be added to the sealcoat to change its color. The additives cost around 25 to 50 cents (CAD 0.30 to CAD 0.60) per square foot.
  • Crack fill: This is used to fill cleaned cracks just before applying sealcoat and can add an additional 35 to 50 cents (CAD 0.45 to CAD 0.60) per square foot.
  • Cleaning: Professionals generally charge $300 (CAD 380) to power wash a driveway.
  • Minimum price: Some contractors set a minimum price to do a job to cover all the incidentals like gas, insurance, licenses, labor, etc. This can affect the cost of small jobs because the minimum price might be more than the actual cost of the job.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.