How to Mount a Flag Holder on Your House in 4 Easy, Breezy Steps

by Mark Soto
American flag mounted on house

Mounting a Flag Holder at a Glance

  • Tools and Materials: Flag, flagpole, mounting bracket, screws, drill, screwdriver, ladder
  • Step 1: Choose location
  • Step 2: Attach flag to pole
  • Step 3: Mount bracket
  • Step 4: Insert pole into mounting bracket

Flags represent something you’re proud of, whether it’s your country, favorite sports team or beliefs. Displaying them in front of a home is something many people do — both homeowners and renters alike. Not only do they represent something you feel strongly about, but they also make for great home decorations.

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Luckily, installing a flag in front of your home isn’t the most challenging thing to do. There are several things you will want to do to ensure it’s properly secured and appropriately displayed. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to mount a flag holder on your home.

Tools for the Job:

Most of the time, when you buy a flag, it will come with a flag installation kit that includes the flag, mounting bracket, mounting screws and a pole. If you just bought the flag alone, you will need to buy those other supplies separately. The mounting bracket is often made out of aluminum, which is great if you live in windy areas. In terms of tools, you will want a cordless drill, handheld screwdriver and a ladder if you’re installing it somewhere high.

4 Steps to Mount a Flag

Step 1: Find Location for the Flag

You will want to choose a good location to display your flag. If you have a porch, you might want to place it on one of the columns or the porch ceiling trim. If you don’t have a porch, you can always add it directly to your home. Just take care to avoid breaking or cracking any material.

Step 2: Attach Flag to Pole

Before you install the pole using the mounting bracket, first attach the flag to the pole. It’s much easier to attach it to the pole when it’s accessible than when it’s already been installed. Start by lowering one of the rings on the pole until it’s around the same height as the flag but a little lower than that. If you wish to attach more than one flag to the pole, you will need two sets of mounting rings.

Once that’s in place, add the swivels on the rings around the holes in the flag. Then pull down the ring farther down to tighten the swivel in place. With the flag attached to the pole at the correct length, tighten the nut around the mounting ring so that it stays in place and doesn’t move any further.

Step 3: Mount the Bracket

Get the ladder and place it below the area you plan to install the mounting bracket on. Place the bracket against the installation area and drill the bottom part of the bracket in.

Depending on where you position the bracket or the material of your home, you will either need to drill into wood, metal or brick. Regardless, use a cordless drill for easy installation. If you’re installing it on a brick home, consider using a hammer drill to reduce the chance of splintering the brick and also to save your precious drill bits. Sometimes, the bottom of the bracket might be attached to wood, while the top portion might be connected to metal.

Finish installing the two other screws and make sure they’re well tightened. You will also want to use a handheld screwdriver to check that it’s very tight. If you live in an area with harsh winds, you do not want a loose flagpole mounting bracket.

Step 4: Insert Flagpole Into Mounting Bracket

With the mounting bracket installed and the flag attached to the pole, the last step is to insert the flagpole into the mounting bracket. You actually don’t need to do much for this — just slide it right into the bracket.

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Rules for Putting up Flags

A common misconception is that renters aren’t allowed to place flags on the home or apartment they rent. However, that isn’t always true. In some states, landlords can prevent renters from adding flags or other decorations to homes by including a mention of it in the lease agreement. If nothing is included in the lease regarding that situation, however, renters are within their legal rights to display a flag. Even if there is a clause in the contract stating it, a landlord would still need to take their tenant to court to have it removed. This often isn’t worth the effort of doing so.

If you’re a homeowner and wondering whether you’re allowed to put a flag on the front of your home, one thing you need to consider is whether there are any existing regulations by your homeowners association that prevent it. In the U.S., the “Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005” prevents HOAs from making a rule of banning U.S flags. It’s important to point out that this only covers the U.S. flag and not other types of flags. Similarly, while HOAs can’t ban a U.S. Flag, they may have restrictions on where it’s placed and how it’s displayed.

Other Ways to Display a Flag

Mounting a flag with a pole and bracket is just one way of hanging a flag. There are two other common ways to do it. You can always simply suspend the flag on a rope near the top of your porch and let it hang down. Another way, which requires more work, is to install a flagpole in the front yard. This isn’t hard to do, but it does require more work since you need to dig, add gravel and pour concrete so the flagpole remains in place. Plus, it also costs more money for the materials.