How to Set Your Whole-House Humidifier for Summer

by Team HomeServe
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Once upon a time, air conditioners and humidifiers were mortal enemies — but that was then. Now, we can bring them together for one fantastic, refreshing whole-house solution.

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When it comes to humidity and being comfortable in your own home, it's often easier to crank up the air conditioner than to try and add moisture to the air. It's not uncommon for indoor humidity levels to dip below 35% on dry days, which is when you begin feeling uncomfortable and start having issues with dry skin. Whole-house humidifiers are one of the best ways to bring some moisture back into your home to avoid these issues.

Can You Use a Whole-House Humidifier in Summer?

Home humidifiers are great for cold months when the air is dry. What about during the hot and humid summer? Although it may be tempting to shut down your humidifier during the summer, there are a few reasons you might want to keep it running year-round:

Health Benefits

Air conditioning can make the air in your home dry, leading to itchy eyes, sore throats and headaches, just like during the winter. Whole-house humidifiers are a great solution for combating these summer problems.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason why whole-house humidifiers are a good solution in summer is that they can reduce energy usage. You can use a whole-house humidifier humidity setting to make your AC work more efficiently. For example, a bit of moisture in the air will help lower the temperature, allowing you to raise the temperature setting of your air conditioning and use less energy. This also allows you to keep your rooms cooler for longer periods.

At What Humidity Level Should You Set a Whole-House Humidifier?

Setting the right humidity level in the summer is important, especially if you live in a humid area. If you're sharing your home with others or have pets, high humidity levels can stir up allergens and threaten air quality. You may see mold developing behind the glass in the windows from condensation.

So what should your level be? The general rule of thumb is to keep the whole-house humidifier set at around 40% to avoid these issues and to ensure comfort in your home most of the year.

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What Should the Whole-House Humidifier Be Set at in Summer?

Like we said: You should set your humidistat at 40% relative humidity. Feel free to experiment with different humidity levels, but know that they may impact your windows. If you notice water on your windows, that's an indication your humidity is too high. You should decrease the setting by a few percent. Luckily, these machines are easy to operate, so you can quickly adjust the humidistat when it gets hot and humid outside.

The right humidity level in your home can help maximize comfort all year. It can help keep your indoor air cool, which will help your HVAC system work more efficiently by using less power.