Time to turn the heat on

As wonderful as showers might be, there are certain things that can always improve your experience — like a nice, functional handle that doesn't leak. Replacing this essential shower control is an extremely simple task that you can knock out quickly. Follow this guide.

A woman uses a pitchfork to spread hardwood mulch onto a landscaping bed

Mulch provides a lot of the nutrients your lawn needs, and adding it should be a part of your regular outdoor maintenance plan. Read on to find out about the different types of mulch, where to get it, how to use it and the various benefits mulch brings to your yard and garden.

top down view of a residential toilet with an aftermarket  bolt-on  bidet

Looking to upgrade your bathroom with a bidet? There are two options: installing a freestanding bidet or adding a bidet seat to your existing toilet. We’ll discuss both types, what tools you’ll need and how to install them.

3d illustration, Process of carpeting on adhesive tape

Professional carpet installers can get the job done quickly and neatly. But if you’re up for doing the job yourself, here’s a how-to guide, plus some top tips for installing new carpet in your home.

Residential Kitchen Island Under Construction

A kitchen island can add valuable countertop space, storage and seating to what is likely the busiest room in the house. Adding an island to your kitchen requires a little planning, a little measuring and as much imagination as you care to give the project. Here's a how-to guide.


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