recall product

Peloton has announced two separate recalls involving its Tread and Tread+ treadmills. About 125,000 Tread+ Treadmills have been recalled after one child died and several injuries were reported. Peloton is also recalling the Tread Treadmill due to an unrelated injury risk.

A roll of simulated wood vinyl tile is unrolled across a finished floor

If you’re seeking a hardwood look at a price that’s a little easier on your wallet, look no further than laminate and vinyl. Both are budget-friendly, synthetic flooring options that offer a lot of customization at a much lower price point than hardwood. Considering vinyl versus laminate? Here’s how they stack up.

a large Wet room with black and white tiles and a stainless steel floor drain

A wet room is a bathroom, except the whole thing’s designed to get wet. Think floor-to-ceiling tile, waterproof décor and a shower that’s out in the open. Wet rooms are certainly trendy as of late, and it’s no wonder why; they’re functional, accessible and may even raise your home value.  


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