garage door opener

Read on to learn all about how a smart garage door opener works, what goes into installation, the different types and features available, what you need to consider before purchasing one and how to set about your installation project.

A contractor weilds a large floor grinding  polishing machine to sand down a new Terrazo floor

Terrazzo isn't just a pattern, it's a tile. Composed of chips of stone set in cement or epoxy, terrazzo can provide a unique look to surfaces like floors, countertops and backsplashes. Here's everything you need to know.

water heater

Smart devices offer you total control over functions that were once a mystery. With a smart water heater, you can schedule when you want it to turn on and off from an app on your phone.

bottom half pictured of couple holding hands while painting a room

According to a new survey by WalletHub, Americans intend to spend $21.8 billion this year on Valentine’s Day revelry, about $165 per person. Why not invest that holiday dough in a household improvement designed to bring you and your sweetheart closer together — both figuratively and physically?

looking up at a white painted ceiling covered in mold and water residue from a leaking roof

The condition of your roof is so important, and costs for major repairs can be so high that a leaky roof can be a great source of stress. Fortunately, not all roof problems are disastrous. In fact, some roof leak repairs can be done without professional help or for a surprisingly affordable price.