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When you're dealing with a noisy heating system, there are several possible causes. Our troubleshooting guide will tell you what you can do for yourself — and when to contact an expert HVAC contractor.

camo design smoker appliance

That new meat smoker you got for Christmas may pose a greater danger than overcooking your brisket. Eau Claire, Wis.-based National Presto Industries Inc. is recalling some 25,000 Presto Indoor Electric Smokers sold through December 2020 for a shock hazard.

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If you called for, say, a plumber, or an electrician, or maybe an HVAC specialist, and a woman showed up to do the job, would you be surprised? You might be if you didn’t already know how few women work in these male-dominated professions. In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we asked women in the home improvement and repair space what attracted them to their respective fields, why the love what they do, and why so few women choose the skilled trades.


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