Man suspended from a palm tree with a safety harness is using a chainsaw to remove the top of the tree

Tree topping is a method of pruning meant to control a tree’s size by cutting the branches back to stubs. Some tree care companies regard topping as an acceptable practice. But most experts agree: Topping is bad for trees. We get to the bottom of tree topping.

Oscars awards show graphics

Hollywood's big movie awards night is a golden opportunity to have a little home-sweet-home-humored fun — so we’re rolling out the red carpet for you to join in our #HomeServeUpAMovieTitle game on Twitter. On the night of the star-studded, statuette-distributing soirée — which airs at 8 p.m. Eastern Time Sunday, April 25, on ABC — we invite you to participate in our little home-themed movie name game. Learn how, here.

product photo of a black motor used as a swimming pool pump

If you bought a pump motor for your swimming pool online from Inyo Pool Products in the past four years, you’ll want to verify whether yours is affected by a recent federal safety alert. The Consumer Product Safety Commission on March 25 announced that Inyo Pool Products Inc., of Longwood, Fla., is recalling about 800 PureLine 1.5 HP Pool Pump Motors due to a defect that could cause the motors to overheat — posing a fire hazard and already having resulted in 26 reports of motors “burning, smoking or melting.”


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