How Much Does Stone Veneer Siding Cost?

by Hannah Stephens
Stone sided home

If you love the look of natural stone buildings, a stone veneer siding installation could provide a similar romantic curb appeal, without the high prices.

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Compared to real stone siding, stone veneer siding is a relatively affordable way to upgrade your house's appearance, but it's important to understand the costs involved before committing.

What Is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone veneer siding creates the appearance of rustic natural stone. Manufacturers typically produce stone veneer siding by pouring a mixture of Portland cement, aggregates and colorants into stone-shaped molds. However, you can also purchase stone veneer panels made from thin slices of natural stone or molded polyurethane.

The primary advantage of this type of siding is that it provides a traditional aesthetic. However, it's much easier to install than solid stone because it's significantly lighter, and you can choose between multiple color options and decorative finishes. You can install stone veneer siding to create a durable, decorative layer on exterior walls and chimneys or to embellish interior features such as fireplaces.

How Much Does Stone Veneer Siding Cost?

According to HomeGuide, stone veneer siding costs between $10 and $45 (CAD 13 and CAD 60) for professional installation labor and materials per square foot. You should expect to pay $4 to $21 (CAD 5.35 to CAD 28) per square foot for the siding materials and $6 to $24 (CAD 8 to CAD 32) per square foot for installation.

Most homeowners spend between $15,000 and $35,000 (CAD 20,076 and CAD 46,845) for stone veneer siding installation on their entire home exteriors. Partial stone veneer siding typically costs $1,300 to $5,000 (CAD 1,740 to CAD 6,692) if you integrate stone veneer and vinyl siding.

While this seems like an expensive project, consider that installing real stone siding on your entire home — not just veneer — could cost up to $125,000 (CAD 170,000), according to Angi.

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What Factors Impact the Cost of Stone Veneer Siding Installation?

There are stone veneer siding options to suit most budgets. Understanding the cost differences can help you choose the best option for your home.

Stone Veneer Siding Materials

Polyurethane siding panels are the most affordable type of stone veneer siding at $10 to $25 (CAD 13 to CAD 33) per square foot for materials and installation labor. Concrete-based stone veneer panels are slightly more expensive at $10 to $35 (CAD 13 to CAD 47) per square foot. Natural stone siding is the costliest option at $15 to $45 (CAD 20 to CAD 60) per square foot.

Stone Type

If you opt for natural stone, the type of stone can significantly impact the cost. Slate is the cheapest option at $15 to $35 (CAD 20 to CAD 47) per square foot installed, while quartzite costs $15 to $39 (CAD 20 to CAD 52) per square foot. At the other end of the scale, granite stone veneer siding could set you back as much as $19 to $45 (CAD 25 to CAD 60) per square foot. Other popular options include limestone, marble, sandstone and basalt, which fall into about the same price range.


You'll likely need to prepare your home before stone veneer siding installation. Sealing your home's exterior to protect it from moisture damage costs $2 to $10 (CAD 2.68 to CAD 13) per square foot, while removing or strengthening your existing siding costs $1 to $6 (CAD 1.34 to CAD 8) per square foot. You may also need to repair exterior walls before applying new siding. Most contractors charge between $2 and $14 (CAD 2.68 and CAD 19) per square foot for repair services.


Some states don't require a permit to install stone veneer siding. If permit charges apply in your area, expect to spend between $100 and $250 (CAD 134 and CAD 335).

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.