Closeup of two modern black and brown metal red flag mailboxes at single family home in residential suburbs with nobody and house in background

Your mailbox must to adhere to strict federal guidelines — unless you want to get on your mail carrier’s bad side, that is. After making sure your mailbox’s size and construction meet the Postmaster General’s guidelines, all you’ll need is a few tools, materials and guidelines on how to install a mailbox. Follow these steps to get started on your mailbox installation.

Contractor using pnumatic nail gun installing the interior door of apartment

Okay, so maybe replacing a door frame isn’t at the top of your “Fun Projects You Can’t Wait to Tackle” list for this weekend, but cheer up. With the proper door frame kit, a few tools you likely already have on hand and some basic construction know-how, you can install or replace a door frame in as little as a few hours.

photos show before and after transformation of a bathroom double sink vanity

Installing a bathroom sink is a project even the most novice DIYers can take on themselves, provided they have a little patience and preparedness. Here's is a basic overview of the steps involved in a standard bathroom sink installation that’ll help get you started on the project.

bathtub with travertine stone tile being installed

While it might sound intimidating, removing and installing a new bathtub is a relatively easy DIY project that can be completed in a single day. Here's our step-by-step guide.

Gas water heater temperature control

Has your water run cold? Chances are your water heater has turned off. Unless it needs to be repaired or replaced, you should be able to get it back in working order yourself. Here’s how to get your gas or electric water heater up and running again.


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