Male holds a pocket rules to measure the width of a stainless steel refrigerator

Refrigerator repairs can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. You may opt to replace the appliance outright. The first step is measuring your old fridge along with the new unit you’re considering replacing it with to make sure it will fit. Read on to learn exactly how to measure a refrigerator.

photo of a screened in porch being built

For shade and bug protection, you can't beat a screened-in porch. Here's how to tackle this more advanced home improvement project, starting from an existing structure like a deck, patio or front porch.

A roll of simulated wood vinyl tile is unrolled across a finished floor

Time for a new floor? If you have laminate flooring, you can remove it yourself. The instructions for how to remove laminate flooring are slightly different depending on if you have glued or floating floors. Here are some tips for preparation, removal and what to do at the end of the job.

Wire mesh fence fenced plot

Chain-link fences are especially helpful in areas where heavy snow or high winds may preclude the use of other types of fences. Convinced chain-link is the fence for you? If you’re going to put the fence up yourself, follow this installation guide.


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