Close up of female hands installing clean bathroom fan vent cover from ceiling

Without proper ventilation, your bathroom is at risk for some serious, long-term damage. But don't fear: Installing a bathroom exhaust fan is a relatively simple, straightforward way to help prevent moisture damage and keep your bathroom smelling fresh and dry. Learn how to install a bathroom fan, here.

close up of window insulation film being applied with double-sided tape to the window frame

Window insulation is key to keeping the cool air in during the summer months and the heat in the winter. A poorly insulated window can actually increase your monthly energy costs. Here are some DIY fixes for drafty windows.

in-ground pool being drained with an electric submersible pump

Most pools rarely need to be drained completely. However, there are some instances when you may need to drain the water partially or totally. Knowing when and how to drain your pool can help ensure that it's operating at 100% effectiveness.


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