metal roofing - roofer working on the house roof

Metal roofing is as attractive as it is durable, but it can be incredibly expensive to install. Discover how to save money by learning how to install metal roofing yourself. Be warned: This is a project for the experienced DIYer.

A white radiator stands in a bathroom against a white ceramic tile wall and on a white ceramic tile floor, surrounded by stainless steel pipes.

Radiators often heat rooms too much, and it can be difficult to find the setting that produces the perfect heating level. Feeling too hot in your home? Here are a few things you can try before calling in a professional to look at your heating system. 

A small electric fan sits atop a mirrored accent table blowing across a white ceramic bowl full of ice.

Air conditioning  is essential in many areas, so it can feel like a nightmare if you suddenly find yourself with a broken central air conditioner on your hands. Here's how to keep cool while you wait for a repair.


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