An An Apple brand MacBook laptop computer sits  on the back of a couch in a room

You might need to know a serial number if your laptop is stolen or broken. Learn several simple methods for finding a MacBook's serial number, even if you don't have your device.

An Apple iPad with a black device cover sits on a carpeted floor

Need your serial number to access warranty services or report a stolen device? Use these instructions to find your iPad's serial number, whether or not you have the device in front of you.

water from a sprinkler

Summer is an ideal time to tackle those little repairs and maintenance issues you've been putting off. These maintenance tasks will prepare your home for season.

A Panasonic flatscreen TV sits against a white background

Ideally, you should write your Panasonic TV’s serial number down somewhere safe immediately after buying your TV — but don't panic if you forgot. We’ve got you covered.

An Amazon Kindle Fire tablet device is held by a human hand

You might need your Kindle Fire's serial number for warranty purposes or to file a report for a stolen device. Here are four ways to find your tablet's serial number.


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