Snow covered solar panels on the roof

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you may need to add solar panel snow removal to your list of winter chores. Removing snow from solar panels may be as simple as waiting for it to melt or knocking it down using a snow rake.

Plaster moisture measurement using an electronic meter. Measurements in the home workshop. Light background.

A moisture meter can identify wet areas in your walls, ceilings and floors. By learning how to use a moisture meter properly, you may be able to minimize water damage and costly related repairs.

empty basement in the middle of renovation

Converting an unfinished basement is a good way to extend your home's square footage. Exploring heating and cooling options for basements should be the first step of any basement upgrade. Here are some tips.

external electrical meter

Knowing how to read a meter can help you ensure that your utility bills are accurate. It could also help you detect a gas or electricity leak, so meter reading is an essential skill. Here's how to read your meters.


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