cleaning coffee machine

If you’ve got a household full of coffee drinkers who all have different palates, those appealing little K-cups offer a quick-and-easy caffeine fix in just about any flavor you can think of. But that convenience begets constant use, which in turn begets brown-residue buildup, drips, streaks, water spots and fingerprints — and that means your Keurig is going to need regular cleaning.

TV mounted to masonry above a fireplace

Mounting your flat panel TV to the wall is a great way to streamline your entire living room, free up some extra floor space, and position the TV in a spot where everyone in the whole room can easily see the screen. TV mounting isn’t rocket science; in fact, with a few common tools, a little prep work, and some basic know how, most any renter or homeowner can have a TV mounted and ready to watch in likely less than an hour’s time – giving you time plenty of time left over to enjoy your favorite show while you admire your handiwork.

EcoBee thermostat on modern wall

Looking for ways to save money on your electric bill? Sometimes it’s as simple as being aware of turning off lights when you leave a room or other common-sense measures. Others take more effort and planning. Here are 15 energy-saving tips.


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