septic sewer line

Finding yourself in a bit of a stinky situation? Sewer line replacement and repair costs vary depending on whether excavation is required. Trenchless repairs for a broken or cracked sewer line are usually far more affordable than repairs that require digging.

Detached residential three-car garage with a wood and stone exterior

Building a detached garage costs between $30,000 and $60,000 on average, with several factors influencing that cost. If you're thinking about building a detached garage, here's a quick breakdown of what you need to know.

a drawn visualization of a luxury bathroom renovation in the existing room

The price of a shower remodel varies depending on the size and features of your shower. If you need additional plumbing or tiling, that will add to the cost. On average, expect to pay $3,000 for a shower remodel. Here's a cost guide.

wheelbarrow full of dirt from digging a trench for a french drain

Prevent surface water pooling and reduce the risk of floods with a French drain. In many cases, French drains aren't overly complicated to install — and you might be able to do it yourself. Here's a cost breakdown.


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